1946: First full-time Spanish language radio station in the United States.

1955: KWEX-TV is first full-time Spanish language Television station and First UHF channel in U.S.
1961: New group of investors buy station from Mr. Cortez. Emilio Azcarraga Vidaureta, Emilio Nicolas, Sr., Rene Anselmo, Frank Fouce Jr. and Julian Kaufman.
1962: KMEX, Ch. 34 in Los Angeles and KFTV, Ch. 21 in Fresno were added to the station group.
1963: Rene Anselmo moves to New York to manage SIN which was formed to become the sales representative for KWEX and KMEX. Later, SIN becomes the programming distributor for the small station group as well as the National sales rep.
1963: WLTV, Ch. 23 in Miami was added.
1971: Raoul Cortez-Spanish Language Radio and Television Pioneer dies at 65.
1972: Trans-Tel merges with SICC and adds WXTV, Ch. 41 in New York to the station group.
1974: Magnaverde is formed to bring World Cup Soccer to the United States by closed circut television to various arena venues around the country. Later it brought many different sports events via closed circut TV.
1975: Mr. Frank Fouce, Chairman of SICC is unhappy with his family’s investment in SICC and asks to sell the company.
1975: Nicolas launces the Teleton Navideno in San Antonio to offer much needed help to familes during the holidays. He invites Archbishop Patrick Flores to co-sponsor the event with him and KWEX-TV.
1976: SIN becomes the Nations first satellite interconnected Television Network. KWEX-TV and San Antonio become the center of operations for a National Television Network.
1976: Bahia De California was formed and acquires License from FCC to build KDTV, Ch 14 in San Francisco.
1976: Mr. Fouce agrees to sell his shares then decides not to and finally files a lawsuit against SICC that lasts almost 11 years.
1976: Nicolas launches the first national broadcast of a Catholic mass from the cathedral in San Antonio as a public service for its predominatly Catholic viewers on SIN.
1977-78: Seven Hills Television Company is formed and Ch. 33 in Phoenix is added to the Television Group.
1981: Mrs. Genoveva Cortez and daughter Irma preside over the inauguration of the Library in Raoul Cortez’s honor. San Antonio Mayor Lila Cockrell officiates.
1986: Rene Anselmo resigns as President of SICC and SIN.
1986: Emilio Nicolas, Sr. becomes President of SICC.
1986: Alejandro Sada is dispatched from Mexico City to take over SIN for Emilio Azcarraga, President of Televisa and owner of SIN.
1987: Emilio Nicolas, Sr. President of SICC sells SICC to Hallmark Greeting Cards of Kansas City, Kansas. Hallmark renames SICC, The Univision Station Group.
1987: SIN renamed; UNIVISION.
1987: Emilio Nicolas, Sr. Sells Company and Steps Down As President.
1988: UNIVISION Television Network is sold to Hallmark Greeting Cards.
1990: Azcarraga and Nicolas launch Galavision as the third Spanish Language Television Network.
1990: Nicolas Communications Corporation, (NCC) is formed to be the station group for Galavision.
1992: UNIVISION sold to A. Jerrold Perenchio, Televisa and Venevision.
1995: KWEX-TV Turns Forty Years Old.
1997: NCC severs Galavision affiliation and affiliates station group with Home Shopping Network (HSN) and America’s Store (AS).
2002: NCC sale of TV stations to Univision and Entravision for the formation of Telefutura, the Nations fourth Spanish Language Television Network.
2003: NCC sale of TV stations to Pappas Television for the affiliation with Azteca America, the Nations fifth Spanish Language Television Network.
2005: 2005 was the 50th anniversary of KWEX-TV, the first full time spanish language television station in the U.S. The San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists honored Emilio Nicolas, Sr. with their Henry Guerra Lifetime Achievement Award.
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2005: 2005 a mini documentary about Emilio Nicolas, Sr.was produced by Faith Radle and Jimmy Mendiola shown in part at the SAAHJ dinner and later at the NAB Luncheon. 

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2006: 2006 was the 60th anniversary of KCOR-AM, the first spanish language radio station in the U.S. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) honored Emilio Nicolas, Sr. and the late Raoul Cortez, Sr. with their "Spirit of Broadcasting" award. This award is only given every 4 to 5 years. A luncheon was held in Las Vegas during the NAB's annual convention with over 2,000 in attendance. Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and the late Peter Jennings were honored for their 25 plus years as National News Anchors. Regis Philbin was honored with the NAB's "Lifetime Achievement" award. Jack Valenti, former head of the Motion Picture Association of America, was the key note speaker.

Both Emilio Nicolas, Sr. and Irma Nicolas de Cortez gave empassioned speeches to thunderous applause and standing ovations.
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